Ciao! I'm Gennaro Landolfi rinodrummer !

Full-stack Web Developer, IT Consultant and Web Enthusiast,
whom sometimes plays the drums! 🥁

Picture of Gennaro Landolfi
I'm Gennaro from
Casal di Principe (near Naples, Italy).

I like to call myself a Web Enthusiast who delights in studying the evolution and growth of Web Development.
I enjoy to discover projects, libraries, packages and APIs which enhance the quality of technology ecosystems, making the Web environment a better place.

I am a lifelong autodidact and proud supporter of the Frameworkless Movement.
I deeply believe in the social powers of coding, because beyond code there are always people!

My nickname comes from my love of music, which always accompanies my developer adventures!

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Favourite technologies



These are some tools I use the most:

Projects I like

This is a list of projects I like and follow: I hope one day they be part of my stack!

...And many many others! Give a look at my GitHub stars to get an idea!